Mondelez Bangladesh

IDC was appointed as the official distributor in 2019 for overall Mondelez Bangladesh (Pvt) Limited portfolio within Bangladesh. IDC distributes two core brands – Cadbury and Tang.  In Mondelez basket, IDC has Cadbury Chocolate, Cadbury Silk, Oreo Biscuits, Hot Chocolate, Cocoa Powder, Bourneville Dark Chocolate, Temptation Chocoalte, 5 Star Chocolate, Celebration and Home Treat Range, Gems, Perks Chocoalte, Bournvita Health Drink, Tang Flavoured Instant Powder Drink and others. The products are imported by Mondelez Bangladesh and distributed by IDC. IDC also provides re-packaging services for Tang business. 


Mondelez Bangladesh (Pvt) Limited is a subsidiary of Mondelez International, a Fortune 500 company. Mondelez has 9 global lead brands and 65 local jewels under their portfolio. Mondelez products are sold in over 150 countries. Mondelez employs approximately 80,000 employees globally.


Mondelez Bangladesh
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